December 1, 2023
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Nike x Ambush Berlin September 2022

Early this fall Taboo had the pleasure of collaborating with Nike x Ambush, bringing the modern sports community together to celebrate unapologetic femme energy in global subcultures. The collaboration was heavily inspired by Y2K aesthetic, unapologetic femininity, and disruptive creativity. 

This joint effort put forward three key moments to highlight the re-release of the classic basketball silhouette Air Adjust Force. In a future-forward remake of Nike’s Air Adjust Force, Ambush founder, and style icon Yoon Ahn merges progressive nightlife culture with Nike's history of performance footwear. 

Together with Nike, Taboo chose an array of creatives to work with to bring to life the key pillars behind the activation. Temporary pleasures were brought on to help create the set design that was consistent through all 3 events, bringing their staple mission of redefining club spaces and aesthetics.  

Taboo supported the set-up of Nike’s Berlin showroom RM72 where they were able to mix new  Ambush collection with pieces from some of Berlin's hottest emerging designers Olivia Ballard and Sia Arnika. The exciting and talented Ito Ehm and Aoife Auke - two highly influential members of the community, were also invited to create a Lo-fi looping video that was displayed on the screens. The showroom was opened by a seeding event where many of Berlin’s club scene artists and friends were invited to view the pieces and pick up their very own pair. The event underlined Nike’s special role with visionary creatives and the club scene fixtures. 

To celebrate the launch of the new collection, a community dinner was organised at Voo Store, a culturally empowered, creatively driven concept space in Berlin. The dinner allowed for an authentic collection of moments, captured by those invited. The dinner saw guests of Taboo, Nike, Voostore, and NTS join together in an evening focused on the Berlin creative community, establishing just how the club culture serves as a meeting point for people from different backgrounds. 

On the 2nd of September, Taboo hosted a club night for Nike x Ambush at Trauma Bar und Kino, a space dedicated to facilitating an authentic dialogue between the realms of contemporary art, performance, fashion, music, and club culture. From Taboo’s network of artists, five unapologetic, influential, and extremely charismatic figures, were selected to take control over the decks: Yha Yha, opening the night at the garden with her bubbly style of genre-bending; Mobile Girl, setting the scene inside the club with her unique eclectic sound combining glossy early 00s pop + R&B with disruptive edits of bass grime, dancehall, reggaeton and beyond; follow by a b2b with LSDXOXO and VTSS combining LSDXOXO’s signature genre-crossing, fast-mixing sound + femme mutant aesthetics with VTSS’s unapologetic sound of dance music's wild reinvention; The night was closed by Hyperaktivist best known for her energetic sets, oscillating between faster Techno and House with a big 90s influence.

The night, envisioned as a  real club night with a fashion twist l, was a melting pot of a curated crowd of  Berlin's finest ravers  mixed with the new generation of young artists- a peak of Taboo’s truest community. 

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