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Taboo Development projects in action

Acting as intermediary with our global cohort of creatives
and talent to create world class projects that transcend audiences and industry borders.

Here at Taboo we use the term ‘Development’ to describe the initiatives we create that are
specifically designed to give back to communities and subcultures.

Taboo sees the bigger picture. We want our work to do more than add to the noise -  we want to
contribute tangible and actionable social change to the branding landscape.

This is why our projects and partnerships have the dual purpose of producing high quality creative collaborations
and giving back to the communities we care about most. This two-pronged approach to our mission is the foundation of
our Development division.

Here is the space where we share, engage, educate and develop meaningful projects.

TABOO X EVENTS - Bringing people, causes, and brands together for both live and virtual experiences…
In September of 2021, through a series of insightful and purposeful panel discussion events, we had key conversations
to spotlight the Black experience in the British music industry. Through these panels, we highlighted the journeys so far
and collectively discussed what the future needs to look like in order to create equity and equality for
existing and future Black Music professionals.

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